How to Contact Us

501 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500
Main: 850-488-5021

Inmates or Florida Prisons

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Probation, Parole or Community Supervision

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Florida Department of Corrections

Electronic Complaint Form
Use this electronic complaint form to report alleged violations of State Statutes, rules, or procedures directly to the Office of the Inspector General.
Employment Information
For employment information, vacancies, online applications, supplemental applications, benefits and other employment information, please visit Working for DC.
Press Inquiries
All press inquiries about the Florida Department of Corrections should be directed to the Communications Office at (850) 488-0420. E-mail inquiries can be directed to
Public Records Request
Contact us at (850) 717-9774 to make a public records request or visit this page for information about requesting through mail or email.
Accessibility Assistance
If you need assistance accessing any of the Department's services or activities, please contact our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Section by calling (850) 717-3902 or by sending email to

Frequently Called Numbers
(Central Office/Tallahassee Area)

Facility Directory

Main Line — (850) 488-5021

Division: Area Code 850
Absconder Unit 717-3444
Finance & Accounting 717-3866
Accounting - Court Ordered Payment System 717-3877
Accounting - Inmate Banking 717-3869
Accounting - Inmate Banking (Toll-Free) 866-209-7250
ADA Coordinator 717-3946
Chaplaincy 717-3156
Citizens Services 488-7052
Communication (News Media) 488-0420
Community Corrections (Probation & Parole) 717-3444
Detainers 488-9167
Programs and Re-Entry 717-3050
Education Services 717-3181
General Counsel 717-3605
Health Services 717-3277
Human Resources 717-3200
Inmate Classification 488-9859
Inmate Records 488-1503
Inspector General 488-9265
Interstate Compact 717-3487
Institutions 717-3035
Juvenile Justice 488-1850
Library Services 717-3163
Public Records Request 717-9774
Procurement 717-3700