Health Services

The State of Florida is responsible for providing inmates with a constitutional standard of care when they are admitted to the Department's institutions, in accordance with Sections 945.025(2), and 945.6034, F.S. This includes comprehensive medical, mental health and dental services, and all associated ancillary services.


The Department's Office of Health Service (OHS) oversees the delivery of health care services and handles statewide functions such as technical assistance, training, policy development, grievance appeals, clinical-legal issues, contract management and monitoring, budget development and tracking, informatics/analytics and partnership development.

OHS is led by the Director of Health Services, who reports to the Deputy Secretary. A Chief Clinical Advisor serves as the final professional authority for the Department, and bureau chiefs oversee each health services discipline (medical, nursing, pharmacy, mental health, dental, and administration).

Network of Care

The Department contracts with Centurion of Florida, LLC to provide comprehensive medical, mental health and dental services statewide. Services are provided under a managed care model. All inmates are screened at a reception center after intake from the county jail, to determine their current medical, dental and mental health care needs. This includes assessments for auditory, mobility and vision disabilities, and the need for specialized mental health treatment.

After this process is completed, inmates are assigned to a "permanent" institution based on their medical and mental health needs and security requirements (inmates are often moved numerous times during incarceration). Within each major correctional institution, the contractor provides primary care using a core staff of clinicians (physicians, ARNPs, etc.) nurses, mental health and dental professionals and administrators. The health services team provides health care services in the dorms for inmates who are in confinement.

Centurion: or 844-474-5952

FDC Office of Health Services or 850-717-3277


Clayton Weis

Clinical Advisor

Kalem Santiago, M.D.

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