Bureau of Programs

Bureau Chief

Gwen Brock

The Bureau of Programs provides opportunities to incarcerated individuals, helping them better themselves, equipping them with competencies conducive to successful social reintegration and transition. These opportunities include, academic education, career & technical education, chaplaincy and volunteers services, library services, cognitive behavioral programming and other betterment programs. The Bureau of Programs also coordinates teacher certification activities for the Department’s correctional educators.

Academic Education

Academic education programming provides students with traditional school courses, with the goal of earning a high school diploma. Adult basic education and literacy programs are important aspects of academic education.

Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical or vocational education provides inmates with career and technical training, teaching them valuable skills, preparing them for meaningful employment when they are released from prison.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplaincy Services provides for the spiritual needs of inmates and offenders, coordinates religious education, and provides a constitutional service for the Florida Department of Corrections allowing the greatest amount of freedom and opportunity for inmates to pursue individual religious beliefs and practices consistent with the security of FDC facilities.

Library Services

Our general libraries offer many of the same services found in public libraries, while our law libraries provide research access the legal system.

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